Saturday, 14 January 2012

Agricultural Engineer - Real Estate & Construction Company

A very big real estate and construction company is looking for an ‘Agricultural Engineer’ with the following qualifications:

Job Responsibilities:
• Prepare reports, sketches, working drawings, specifications, proposals, and budgets for proposed sites.
• Provide advice on water quality and issues related to pollution management, river control, and ground and surface water resources.
• Design and supervise environmental and land reclamation projects 
• Design agricultural machinery components and equipment using computer-aided design (CAD) technology.
• Discuss plans with clients, contractors, consultants, and other engineers so that they can be evaluated and necessary changes made.
• Plan and direct construction of rural electric-power distribution systems, and irrigation, drainage, and flood control systems for soil and water conservation.
• Design structures for crop storage, animal shelter and loading, and animal and crop processing, and supervise their construction.
• Test agricultural machinery and equipment to ensure adequate performance.

Job Qualifications:
• Minimum 10 years of experience
• Construction or real estate background is a must
• Excellent command of English language

If interested please send your updated CV to and write ‘Agricultural Engineer’ in the subject line of your E-mail.

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