Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Marketing Manager - Misr Italia مدير تسويق مصر ايطاليا

Job Code: MM#08
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Languages: Fluent in English Language, Reading & Written Comprehension
Country Egypt
Job Category: FMCG, Communication, Media
Description : • Research, develop and implement brand management and communication strategies, standards and practices company-wide that elicit the behavior, emotion and recognition objectives of the company. Media relations, research editorial opportunities and build relationships with key industry media for the benefit of the company. •Oversee the writing of press releases, copy for marketing materials, annual reports, advertisements, and other related materials to ensure that all are performed in keeping with the company’s marketing and brand management goals. •Design, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for the firm. •Support and facilitate development and implementation of section business/marketing plans. •Translating business unit objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio objectives, strategies and plan to facilitate business unit growth. •Develops marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment policy, nature of market, copyright and royalty requirements, and cost and markup factors. •Develops strategic plans for various promotional endeavors •Responsible for measuring success of recent campaigns •Designs, negotiates, and buys advertising in local media •liaising with marketing and PR colleagues to promote the event •Acts as the middleman between an advertising agency and the company. Taking all the important decisions like which ad agency to hire then explaining everything about the product.
Qualifications: 1. Communications and Media 2. Computers and Electronics 3. Time Management & Near Vision 4. Developing Objectives and Strategies 5. Making Decisions and Solving Problems 6. Problem Sensitivity
Gender Female
Experience: 3 - 5 Years.
Other Skills:-Worked as marketing manager or Managerial position at Media Agency , Communications , FMCG CO ,
Compensations -Social Insurance -Medical Care -Mobile Allowance
Salary (L.E.): Negotiable
Comments: Resumes without recently photo and job code will not be considered
Job Contact Person: Mohamed Salah Eldien
Job Contact E-mail

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